My Story

Nice to meet you! My name is Shany Herzberg, an industrial design graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.

I founded SIGMA in 2017 out of a passion for unusual shapes and materials. The combination between industrial design and goldsmithing led to a creative and punchy brand that offers an elegant yet edgy design style.

I believe that choosing a unique piece of jewelry is your way of expressing yourself, your aesthetic and your style.
In the same way that each one of us has many different layers within ourselves, such as softness, roughness, courage, femininity or power, I aim to reflect and express these in my collections by finding the fine balance between them. Making you feel comfortable and yet stand out and express your personal taste.

All pieces of jewelry are designed and crafted by hand, locally made, from the finest raw materials, such as: 14K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, 24K Gold Plated Brass, Diamonds, Leather and other interesting and unique materials.

Every piece of jewelry in my collections is designed so it can be combined with any item of clothing to fit any time of day and any occasion. The ability to mix and match them as well as combine them with your own existing pieces, make them an inseparable part of you and your style.

The studio is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv and meetings are available by appointment. There is nothing I enjoy more than working closely with my customers in order to bring to life your unique vision.

Custom made orders are welcome with love ♡